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Inspirology works with you, your organisation, your teams and your people. Creating optimum solutions that optimise people for today’s business needs in preparation for tomorrow’s business world.

Our approach is championed by our extensive experience in people and organisational development. We create strategies and programmes for realising and empowering the potential of people and organisations across the world; delivering improvements and enhancing leadership, behaviours and business performance.

Current thinking and research supports our work, complemented by a wide range of psychometric instruments and interactive 360 leadership-profiling tools. We design and implement effective Talent Management initiatives to develop Human Capital needs that are aligned with vision and values and your business goals and strategy.

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Executive Leadership Services

Inspirology recognise the vital impact that factors such as Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Management Competency, Team Alignment, Stakeholder Management, Roles & Responsibilities, Culture and Commitment can have on successful change implementation.

To optimise these factors we provide a suite of bespoke tools and services. We tailor these into elegant effective solutions to benefit both the participants and the organisation. These services can be utilised as stand-alone point solutions for specific initiatives, or they can be applied as part of a more comprehensive integrated intervention programme.

Management & Team

Management & Team

Great businesses need great Leaders. To stand apart from the competition, great Leaders need Management and Teams to be competent, effective and in step with the strategy and operating models to deliver on-plan results.

Communicating a strategy and securing the sponsorship of stakeholders is one thing. Bulletproofing this strategy so that it can withstand swift and chaotic business change is another. Modern businesses want empowered and engaged employees, however these same employees will ‘Start with Why’ before they can live and breathe any strategic initiatives.

Inspirology uses pragmatic interventions to identify the competency and communication gaps that take place between the C-Suite and the end customer. Our work encompasses every stage of this journey, from Senior Management to the customer facing employees, helping to embed new behaviours, values and capabilities.

You can leverage our pioneering Discovery Process to align; behaviours, values, competencies and leaders with your business strategy. This provides more flexibility, accountability and responsiveness to work with the constant challenges of a rapidly evolving business world and current economic climates.

To secure the future, our bespoke programmes, workshops, master-classes and fireside forums, help you and your organisation to identify and develop future leaders that will become the future leaders and key players focused on achieving the business’ objectives.

The results are often binary. When a business aligns behaviours, values and competencies with the strategy, the desired results are achieved significantly faster and more sustainably. Employee engagement and customer satisfaction levels rise so the business can re-calibrate to build a platform to the next level of success.

  • Transform and align your leaders with your business strategy
  • Discover hidden talent & identify high potentials
  • Create leaders with confidence for the demands of your future organisation
  • Team Cohesion & Team Dynamics
  • Creating Coaching Cultures & Coaching the Coach
  • Management & Team Diagnostics & Development

Executive, Board & C-Suite Officers

Board & C-Suite

For any transformation to be successful, the leadership team must align their business strategy and develop their strategic, organisational capabilities and resourceful competencies to deliver at all levels.

Given the rapidly changing nature of working styles and behaviours, being a good leader is not enough. CEO’s, COO’s, MD’s and Operational Country Managers, are recognising that the organisation’s success also requires the capacity to communicate constructively and work collaboratively in contrast to stand-alone competitive siloes.

It can be quite lonely at the top as well as super-political. There are many cumbersome expectations and decisions that the organisation is looking for you to lead with and handle.

Do you feel you could use some clear space and thinking time… just to work things through?

Integrity and confidentiality is very much at the heart of how we work. Our programmes are geared to support you to consistently achieve your business outcomes, aligned with your potential and personal aspirations and as such our clients have come to regard us trusted advisors.

We work with you on real situations and real issues, moving real things forward with engaged, inspired leadership by creating solutions that work for you to:

  • Cultivate the correct mindset to achieve all you want to achieve
  • Manage your team with effective communication
  • Enhance effective communication that achieves more desired outcomes
  • Manage unexpected issues and challenges
  • Gain the confidence to succeed and achieve more with staff, customers, clients, suppliers… And more!



Create the culture that your business will thrive in for present-day and future success. Our services incorporate areas significant to; business planning and performance, strategy, growth and progression.

Working in partnership at all levels of your organisation, we ensure that our services and support is focused in the most efficient way for effective implementation and delivery. We are able to collaborate with other operating initiatives to quickly assess and scope pragmatic options for achieving desired outcomes. We can work across a range of assignments and geographies.

With times of constant change, this is also a time of personal resilience. You want your staff to perform at their best at all times. Uncertainty, worry and stress might be materialising not just within the workplace but also externally and at home.

  • Have you noticed falling attendance, sickness rates rise and performance dipping?
  • Have you noticed increasing unreliability from some members of your team?
  • Is negative feedback increasing from your internal or external clients or contacts?

If your organisation is not performing in the way that it could, our programmes give your teams tailored time to discover and recognise the real symptoms and issues. We help to co-create strategies, processes and a framework that focus on personalised, effective solutions.

  • Meetings Facilitation
  • Advanced Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting Programmes
  • Shadowing & Observation
  • Strategy Planning & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Advanced Communication Skills Programme
  • Business Simulations
  • Culture Analysis – Culture Mapping

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